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The Discovery Call Roadmap

How to build your confidence and book your dream clients in 3 easy steps!

Here is a foolproof guide to getting clients every time with no pushy sales tactics or awkward silences.

Step 1: Build Trust & Rapport

Repeat after me: I love discovery calls! Discovery calls are like little goldmines. This is where you have the chance to shine and really take advantage of the opportunity to lead (not sell) your perfect person into your paid products or services. I have never booked a 1:1 client without first having a discovery call to make sure we are a good match which is the main purpose of the call. You can say something to break the ice but most importantly, be yourself!

Step 2: I Help Statement

After you have built rapport it’s time to put their mind at ease by reiterating their pain point or reason for the call. “Amy, I see that you booked a call with me today because you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with your online business…tell me more about that.” STOP. Now this is extremely important: let her do the talking, your job is to listen. Amy needs to know you’ve been where she stands right now, and that you can relate. After a few minutes of her backstory and maybe a follow-up question or two it’s time to tell her that you have the tools that can help her. 

Here are some ideas. You can reply with something like:

“Yes! Amy, I felt that way too but it wasn’t until I start prioritizing my time and getting super clear on my goals by breaking them into smaller chunks that I finally stopped feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. That’s why I created X course OR That’s one of the first things I tackle with all of my clients.”

“That’s exactly what I teach step-by-step in my program plus you get X, Y, and Z. It’s helped me so much and I know it will help you too!”

“That’s what all of my clients tell me when we first get started; they go from feeling overwhelmed to knowing exactly what to work on in their business to get consistent clients after we work together.”


Sell the solution to the problem, not the product you sell.

Step 3: Follow Up Sequence

Wrap up the call by asking Amy what other questions does she have? Go back to your “I HELP” statements and let her know that you can help her with all of her pain points. In other words if she’s got the time, you’ve got the place! Work in other client testimonials as examples and name drop your programs because by doing this you are letting her know (without saying it) that you have all of the answers she needs. She just needs to invest in herself in order to get it access to it. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about pricing then send her an immediate follow up email or give her the link to your work with me page.  Ask her if she has any final questions or concerns.

Congrats! Not once did you ask for the sale or get pushy. You had a normal conversation with a person who contacted you for your services. There is no sales pressure here. If she isn’t already whipping out her credit card (I’ve had it happen!) thank her for her time and conversation and tell her you would love to work with her (because you have the medicine she needs, so to speak), and tell her you understand it’s a big investment and she may need a day or two to think it over (now would be a good time to bring up if you have payment plans) and let her know you will be following up via email in 1-2 days with any questions. Worst case scenario: You just spent 30 minutes of your day getting into the brain of your perfect person. You know she’s your perfect person because you already screened her and attracted her through your perfect branding. Even if you aren’t converting Amy into a client, you still have free market research and just got some extra practice in for when your REAL client books a call.

About the Author

Michelle Marie, owner of Put Your Passion To Work and founder of Profitable Coaching Academy, has a Master’s degree in business with a background in sales, project management & engineering.

Through her role as Vice President of a women’s networking group she has 6+ years of experience coaching and mentoring women on personal development, business and pursuing their passion. If you are looking to transform your passion of helping others into a coaching business then you are in the right place

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