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Wouldn’t you just love an extra hour in a day?
Well, we know we can’t have the 25th hour; but there is a way you can structure your day to find the extra hour you need to grow your business or that extra hour you need to spend having fun and enjoying your family or that extra hour you need to just have that long uninterrupted soak in your tub.

So, let’s talk “Time management”. Time Management is a skill that you can master if you had the right strategies. 

As mom entrepreneurs, we manage our homes, families, businesses and still have to create time to care for ourselves. Most of the time, a mom entrepreneur puts herself, her dreams or her family on the ‘sacrificial block’ because of lack of time. 

If you had the best Time Management Strategies handy; you will be in a place where you can stop sacrificing and start creating the business of your dreams, get more done in a day, and most importantly, be in complete control of your time.

I know from experience that the number 1 problem that mom-entrepreneurs deal with every day is LACK OF TIME.

Here are 7 VERY EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES that would help you deal with the “LACK OF TIME” issue:


It is so important for you as a mom entrepreneur to have clearly stated and defined goals.

When you know your goals, you can easily use your time to achieve those goals.

It may sound like a no-brainer, but most of the time, thanks to distractions, other people’ requests and family responsibilities and duties – as a mom entrepreneur, you can end up chasing other people’s goals instead of yours. 

Have Measurable, Specific, Time bound and Achievable goals for your family, yourself and your business. Set goals, put it where you can see it – so that your Time Schedule will reflect your goals.

I created an easy to use Momleader Goalcard which you can use to get going with your mom goals for your family and business. Download it here:

This Momleader Goalcard will ensure that you consciously set goals for yourself, stay motivated, keep it where you can see it, create an action plan for achieving those goals and also set rewards for yourself when you achieve your goal.

Being a mom, I know it is almost very intuitive to be in a place of “I can do it all”.

Accepting that you can’t do it all doesn’t make you any less of a mom or any less of a savvy business mom that you are. Accepting you can’t do it all, will allow you to focus the use of your time on things you can do; plus, you will be able to get creative with the things that you have acknowledged that you cannot do.


This word – “NO” is very powerful. It is a complete sentence in some cases.

If you’ve accepted that you can’t do it all, it would be easier for you to embrace the Power of NO.

TIP: Do a quick run through all the tasks and activities you have on your schedule for this month. 

Ask yourself this honest question: 

“Are these tasks in line with my goals?”

“Should I be saying Yes to these tasks?”

“Would I be able to give my 100% to these tasks (that I shouldn’t be doing)?”

If you answered NO to any of these questions; then decide to say NO.

4. D S O

This is one of Momleader’ Time Management Strategies that I share with moms in my Time Management Program. I developed the word “D S O” to help mom entrepreneurs filter out tasks. This as you must have guessed is an acronym and I will explain what each word stands for:


TIP: Go through all the tasks you have written down and ask yourself, “What can I DSO?” –  that is, “What can I Delegate, have Shortcuts to or Outsource?”


In today’s fast-paced world plus being a mom and also running a business, you might find yourself constantly focusing on what’s next at the expense of recognizing the beauty that is around you.

Feeling and expressing gratitude will influence your emotions and of course your health. Plus, when you express gratitude to your team, it spurs them on to improve their productivity. 

When you stay in a place of gratitude, you put yourself in such a positive mood which will allow you to enjoy the use of your time. 

These are 5 simple but effective Time Management Strategies that will help you as a Mom entrepreneur.

The whole point of you being a mom entrepreneur is so that you can work on your own terms and create the life and business that you would love.

If you own your Time Management by adopting these 5 Time Management Strategies, you will be in a place where you will TAKE CHARGE of your time and start enjoying the mom entrepreneur life of your dreams! 

About the Author

Nike Famojuro is a Time Management coach for mom- entrepreneurs, author and a former corporate trainer.

She is a wife and a mother of two. She is the founder of Momleader.

Born out of her own personal journey, trainings and experience, Nike focuses on empowering mom-entrepreneurs to manage their time, recognize and own their influence and supports them to be leaders with clearly defined business, personal and family goals.

Her clients consistently avoid the pitfalls of mom- entrepreneurship and build their business income in a sustainable and scalable system that allows them time to focus on their passions and family. She can usually be found having a tea party with her girls.




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