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Are you constantly searching for creative, efficient ways to find solutions to your storage needs? And do you desire storage solutions that are stylish and Pinterest worthy, but only seem to find ones that are designed for garages or storage closets? You’re not alone! We all yearn for that clutter free home, but get overwhelmed with how to get there and keep it there.

So let’s talk about how to use furniture and decor pieces as storage solutions for items you either want to hide or don’t need to use in the immediate future.

Are you constantly searching for creative, efficient ways to find solutions to your storage needs? We all want that clutter-free home but get overwhelmed with how to get there and keep it there. Well, I’ve put together a great list of my favorite top 5 storage solutions for your home without sacrificing style! #storage #solutions #furniture #organization #decor #decorating #interior

Top 5 Storage Solutions Without Sacrificing Style 

Coffee Tables. Who does’t love a gorgeous coffee table? They’re often a great statement piece in a room and usually have some pretty decor items on top of them. Well these coffee tables double as storage solutionshiding right in the center of your room! Tuck away your son’s toys when they start to take over the room, store your fall throw pillows inside, fold your sofa blankets and place them inside, the options are endless. All of these gorgeous coffee tables feature either a lift off lid or a hinged lid to allow easy access to your stored items.

inside of coffee table with lifting top for extra storage
Tucker Coffee Table inside
coffee table with lifting top for extra storage
Dixon Coffee Table with top lifted

Baskets. Baskets are an easy and obvious way to add simple storage to any space. The great thing is they come in so many colors, textures, patterns and styles that the possibilities are literally endless. 

You do have a few initial decisions to make. First, what will you be storing in the basket? What is its function? What shape do you want? Do you mind if its contents show or does it need a lid? Will it be a stand alone item? Will it stack on top of another basket or double as decor under a console or coffee table? Those are just some initial things to keep in mind as you are making your selections. And those decisions will guide the shape and style of the basket.

If you’re creative type and you can’t find exactly the pattern or color you’re looking for, color match your perfect shade of paint and bring that accent color in by painting a basket!

Here’s a few of my favorite basket finds.

Boxes. Boxes come in different materials like metal or natural fibers, they can be fabric covered or made from concrete or stone. Whatever the material, they are a versatile and stylish way to add color, pattern, texture and increase storage at the same time. They come in so many shapes, sizes, depths and heights to fit all of your needs. Stack them, add them to bookcases, use them for organizing cabinets. We’ve all seen the typical rectangular paper boxes sold at the crafting stores, but I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite boxes that are gorgeous options for additional storage without sacrificing style.

Ottomans and Benches. I love a solid ottoman or bench with a lifting or hinged lid. You can hide a lot of stuff in these bad boys! And I mean a lot of stuff and in a hurry! Not only are they great for storage, but they double as additional seating surfaces, so it’s a win-win adding an ottoman or a bench to your space. Here are a few of my faves…


Bookcases and Shelves. Now when most of us think about adding shelving to a space, we thing about straightforward basic shelves. But take a look at what these these bookcases bring to the game! So not only do you have additional spaces for decor, you also have much more space for storage! And because you’re talking bookcases, you’re adding storage space to the walls , which in most cases is space that wasn’t being used before. So take a bookcase and add some decor boxes to them and fill them with items that need a home in your room. Now those items have a home until they are needed again and in the meantime they are stored in something that looks like a fantastic piece of decor! Check out these amazing bookcases…

Shane Industrial Open Bookcase

So there you have it! The top 5 storage solutions to solve your storage problems without sacrificing style. Use one, use a few or use them all! For more ideas and inspiration follow me on Pinterest. Check out my favorite products, product roundups, shop the look for modern organic, industrial and eclectic design styles.

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